Asian telco sector to recover from five-year gloom
    CNETAsia, Tuesday, January 20 2004(Full Story:,39001141,39165230,00.htm)
    In what may seem like a boon to network equipment providers, telecommunications investments in Asia-Pacific are finally poised for growth after a five-year lull, says market research firm Gartner.

According to the company's latest report, spending in telecommunications infrastructure is expected to increase by 9 per cent this year compared to 2003. Last year, Gartner said regional telcos invested US$38.3 billion in equipment purchases and upgrades. The projected hike will lift telecommunications investments into positive territory for the first time since 1999, the firm stressed.

  MCI reports November operational numbers:, Jan 16 2004(Full Story:
    MCI today reported operating results for November 2003, continuing its month-by-month filing of revenues and operating losses as prescribed by federal bankruptcy court.

MCI, formerly WorldCom, posted $1.98 billion in revenues for November, accounting for all of its divisions and subsidiaries except for the results of Embratel, a Brazilian carrier in which MCI plans to sell its controlling stake. MCI also reported an operating loss of $21 million, a net loss of $23 million as well as capital expenditures of $90 million and a cash balance of $5.7 billion for the month.

  The Telecommunication Industry Association predicts industry growth in 2004:, Jan 14 2004(Full Story:
    The Telecommunications Industry Association today officially declared the U.S. telecom slump over today, releasing its annual market report for 2004 which projects 6.8% growth in 2004 and double-digit growth for 2006 and 2007. The welcome news, however, was tempered by warnings that telecom would not approach the record levels of spending and growth it reached in the late ’90s, for better or worse.