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Today’s global telecommunications costs are one of the largest components of a company’s budget and are often not fully understood or optimized.  Most organizations spend little attention to improving their global communications cost effectiveness and lack a baseline to compare and to measure improvement.  Companies often look at their communications cost as a matter of fact – if it’s in my budget and the cost is in line to what I paid last month, then it must be correct

vorCOMM challenges this mindset by proving that we can significantly reduce your communications costs– normally over 10%.  Our proven Global Communications Life-cycle Management Process will give you true insight into your global communications costs and will capture true cost savings.  This savings can be reinvested into your Information Technology organization to fund projects, or can be offered back to your company’s bottom line.

vorCOMM will help you:
Align your global telecom services deployment with Corporate goals
Provide a coherent plan for productivity improvements
Establish a centralized repository of contract management information and spending data
Manage the contract management and negotiation process with external vendors